Springs Technical High School


 From the Principal's Office

Springs Technical High School is one of a few schools that have retained their technical status, that is to say, offering a full technical field of study. It is our firm resolve to keep it that way.

During the past few years frequent mention has been made of the shortage of technically trained individuals. The former Minister of Education committed herself to ensuring that technical schools occupied their rightful place in the educational system again, so that at the end of their matric year pupils are equipped with technical skills that the country needs urgently. In addition, they are also reasonably sure of employment when they leave school as many companies approach us in their search for skilled pupils.
Springs Technical High School opened its doors to English-speaking pupils in 2000 and the school is presently a fully integrated, multicultural, parallel-medium school. Since then the number of pupils has grown steadily each year. 

Apart from academic work, there is enough time for extra-murals such as sport and cultural activities where provision is made for each pupil according to his/her ability and interests.